“Study Abroad Blog” is a blog written by Michael Novak, an actual student living the study abroad experience. Studying abroad provides students the opportunity to widen their horizons and experience life and education in another country. Studying abroad exposes students to new lands, languages, food, music, cultures and ways of life. This experience of studying abroad gives students a great resume enhancer, showing prospective employers that the student is well-rounded, cultured and isn’t afraid to take on new opportunities, risks and assimilate and adapt to unfamiliar situations.

The “Study Abroad Blog” provides prospective study abroad students, or those curious to learn more about studying abroad, with information regarding opportunities to study abroad. This blog, written by an actual student living abroad in another country, will offer information on how to get involved in studying abroad, programs available to students to facilitate studying abroad, resources for studying abroad and how to make studying abroad a reality for you.