Five Of The Best Places To Study Abroad

Studying abroad has become a common routine. People choose to study abroad for various reasons e.g. to experience a different education system, take advantage of lower tuition fees and add value to one’s CV etc. As much as the above are in consideration, it’s good to have an overview of factors such as the ranking on a countries education, cost and economy and job opportunities.

Countries that offer good affordable education include;


It’s one of the most popular study destinations. Most of its universities are public and free to attend. They offer Bachelor’s degrees free of charge, while some of the Master courses incur small amounts of fee. Berlin and Munich offer low living costs, manageable by students. In terms of work, Germany introduced Entry and Residence of Highly Qualified Workers that allow them to look for Jobs after completing education.


It’s one of those countries that can’t fail in offering a chance to study abroad. It has over 4,000 higher education institutions to choose from. It offers work visas for international students that paves way for them to apply for Optional Practical Training which enables them improve their skills. It also has available job markets.


It has an unusual high number of institutions in Melbourne and Sydney. They offer over 22,000 courses hence students have a variety to choose from. Although it has relatively high fees and living standards, it’s the third most popular international student destination. It offers post graduate work stream that allows students to apply work visas depending with their qualification.


It’s the easiest and fastest country to get to. Despite the short distance from home, it offers high regarded education. Although living standards are a bit high, institutions offer low tuition fees which is affordable to students. France also allows their international students to apply for jobs in their field of study.


It’s a growing go-to study destination due to its natural beauty. It has a global reputation for its educational excellence. As much as postgraduates pay tuition fees, they offer scholarships to students who need help. Canada also offers Post Graduation Work Permit Program for its international students that offers them work in their field of study

Other countries that may qualify for good affordable higher education are New Zealand, Spain and China among a few others.